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Tester Parade! Also, learning is hard...

Confession: I rushed the launched of my first quilt pattern, Tahoe Lodge Sweater Quilt. She’s a unique beauty and I’m immensely proud of her… but it was spring in the US (hello, cherry blossoms!) and she’s a winter gal.

Jason suggested I wait till fall, but did I listen? No. I was excited. Gotta hurry! Talk about short-sighted. And now, I regret it. She deserves a proper debut when we're starting to shiver a bit. The temps are dropping and I'm eyeing the scarves in my closet. It's That Time! And I blew it.

HOWEVER, I realized I never gave the beautiful tester versions their own blog post. These amazingly talented quilters gave my baby a true beauty treatment. I’m so grateful and wanted to share a few with you now, in the proper season, LOL. Please give these accounts some love. More to follow!

And if you think things went quiet here, you’re not wrong. I’m tryyyyyying to learn. Can you hear the rusty wheels creaking in my brain? So I’m designing, sewing, and working away in preparation for 2024, with an eagle eye on the calendar. But I’m dying to show you ALL THE THINGS! Stay tuned! Oh, and the pattern for this cozy - ahem - winter design is in the shop.


Tester: Martina Franklin Poole, @martinafranklinpoole

Guest Model: Monty

Tester: Ashley Danielson, @qrazyaboutquilting

Tester: Kristan Umphrey, @mustardcottonco

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