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Welcome, Unexpected Inspiration

Last Fall, I noticed an incredible display in the window of our Local Yarn Shop (LYS). It was a large book, almost coffee table style, that featured knitted mitten patterns. It's called simply, Selbu Mittens. It stopped me in my tracks. I didn't buy it then; however, I went back twice more to gaze longingly. Then, on a visit to my mom in Southern Oregon, we dropped into her LYS and there it was again. Only this time, I had vacation dollars in my pocket! Kismet!

Now, to be clear, the only thing I can knit is a scarf. If I reach for yarn, it's usually to crochet something like a baby blanket or wash cloths (which are so fun to make, by the way!). My best friend, however, is crazy talented. She sent me a pair of these style mittens two years ago. Aren't they amazing?

So, armed with fancy mittens and a fancy book, an idea announced herself and threw an absolute fit till I gave her time to germinate. I opened a new art board in Adobe Illustrator and closed the current project. Yes, it was almost done! And now my deadlines were flying out the window.

But I couldn't think about that. It had to happen. This new little lady took about three months to finalize. But, finally, we are here! Meet the Knitted Blossoms Quilt. (This cover version features my favorite fabric line, Sprout Wovens by Fableism, in Pepper and Sun Glow. The long-arm quilting was done by Emily of So Sunny Quilts. The panto is Chunky Knit by Tawny Oland.)

This pattern may look complicated, but it's really not. In fact, it's beginner-friendly. There are no complicated piecing techniques and is mostly achieved with straight seams. So, if you'd like to practice your 1/4" seam skills, this is perfect for you!

The Knitted Blossoms Quilt also has the added benefit of featuring just two colors. The possibilities really are endless! That seems dreamy, and it is... until you can't make a decision. The gray days/sunshine version was started in winter, but as Spring really started to bloom, I wanted to make a brighter color-way. And I was dying to play Speckled by Ruby Star Society. But how to choose?

Ahem, I didn't.

If you'd like to try this four-color version, it's easy! I just made one MINI version in each color. Then, for the joining center of the throw size, I cut the two B-color pieces in each color choice. I definitely had to pay attention when attaching the center strip and had to rip out one misplaced color, but that was a small price to pay! Isn't she all lit up inside? I love it! I hope you do too.

The Knitted Blossoms quilt pattern is available as a PDF download in the shop.

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