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Lori & Jason


I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Lori, the face behind Garryana Quilt Co, along with my hubby, Jason.

My goal is simple:  Design quilt patterns that are easy to make and fun in design... something you look forward to gifting!

Quilts are a special thing. We equate them with heirlooms, childhood, and our golden years. But they are also now! Picnics, forts, and beaches need quilts. Home decorating does too.


Can you have too many quilts?  

Ummm, can you have too many hugs?  

Or potato chips?  Exactly.

Thanks for visiting us at Garryana! We hope you toss a quilt under a tree and enjoy a nice long nap. Which is pretty much where we'd like to be!

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